C.I. Visions
Carol Ientile
Wildly enthusiastic and with an unmatched imagination, we joyfully run against the wind to get our clients noticed!
- Carol A. Ientile

At C.I. Visions Public Relations & Marketing we enlighten you with our bright ideas - ideas that are constantly changing to reflect the pulse of the evolving world around us.

As a boutique New York City-based public relations agency, C.I. Visions, Inc. is a full service firm delivering marketing communications support to companies manufacturing consumer products, services and issues. C.I. Visions, Inc. maintains a stellar reputation for delivering great creative product and smart, integrated strategic thinking.

At C.I. Visions, Inc. our innovative marketing strategies are the hallmark of what boutique partnership is all about. We brightly shine a spotlight on your company by creating and improving overall image, establishing trade and multi-consumer based audience awareness, and driving your bottom line with our focused marketing expertise.


It began over 20 years ago with a single bright idea - a quest to achieve category supremacy for our clients with a dedicated vision to challenge, grow and transform the future with smart, modern marketing services. Today, C.I. Visions, Inc. is a full service PR agency that embodies our original founding principles every day.

We partner with our clients and together envision where they are going and what they want to be.

We help set goals and create a mission to direct and focus strategic brand imaging.

We lay a foundation for strong communications networks linking client goals and visions to the various publics they are interested in reaching.

We radiate fresh inspiration and passionately execute our bright ideas.


Foresight is our mantra. Our insights into the future position our clients within an ever-changing marketplace and create successful marketing strategies that respond to the shifting needs of today's evolving business environment. Our style reflects the philosophy - no rules-rule. No cookie cutter, paint by the number directives obstruct the passionate execution of ideas or block the creative juice pumping our exceptional customized service.

Arbiters of words, presenters of beauty and fashion newness, architects of rituals for better living, and sustainable wellness and environmental lifestyles - we are the Seeing Eye visionaries of your company's style. Our expertise is in trend-spotting fresh inspiration for our clients and their brand properties. Our specialized talents spin marketing tales and weave editorialized storylines to propel individual and specialized potentials into tomorrow's trends and headline making news.


Why? Because we too are continuing to grow as our clients grow and we want to maintain our signature personalized service every step of the way.

We believe that the secret to success lies in partnering with the right client. That means forging deep relationships with a relatively small list of client-partners, each of who places significant responsibility on the public relations function and the service we provide.

We pride ourselves in understanding and communicating our client's distinct and specialized product or service message. We match diverse editorial communities and publicity opportunities with the specialized needs of every client to generate exceptional media coverage. Strong buzz marketing opportunities are our guarantee to our clients -- regardless of the size of their company or the amount of their budget.

C.I. Visions, Inc. is an independently owned, boutique agency offering:

 Day-to-day, hands-on senior
        management involvement

 A low overhead, cost effective fee structure

 Fiscal accountability to ensure highest possible ROI

 A no surprises approach to your business everyday

 Unmatched commitment to your success

 Measurement strategy and tactics approached
        as a partnership


Carol began her career as a Fashion Publicist for retailer JCPenney, where she managed product publicity for their women's, men's and home furnishing collections. An exhilarating time, Carol's responsibilities included the launch of the first designer/retailer partnership -- Halston for JCPenney. Before moving on, Carol spearheaded the publicity launches for designers Mary McFadden, Lee Wright and Alan Flusser, as well as managed 25 regional satellite fashion publicists nationwide.

Recognized for her talent in creative marketing, she has owned and operated C.I. Visions, Inc. for over twenty years. The foundation of the agency couples Carol's fashion experience with six years Account Supervision at one of the countries most prestigious beauty and lifestyle agencies. Carol attributes the fruition of C.I. Visions, Inc., to her unparalleled determination for excellence, sound principles and integrity, empowered leadership qualities and an innate gift for gab.

A personal interest in wellness, environmental issues, lifestyles of healthy and sustainable living, and personal growth and transformation, continues to lead Carol to significant client partnerships targeting these growing demographic audiences. Always a leader, with a visionary eye toward the future, Carol's personal and professional missions include ongoing global education and awareness of humankind and its relationship with the diverse environments in which we live.


enlightening you with our bright ideas