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Carol Ientile
Beauty is seen in the eyes of the newspaper holder... magazine reader... television viewer... web surfer...
celebrity watcher...

A honed nose for news can scent out a good story ensuring the consistent media coverage necessary to get a leg up
on the competition!
- Carol A. Ientile


We serve as our clients' communications hub, working from the epicenter of New York City -- the focal point of where the national media works and where minute-by-minute decisions for press coverage sometimes depend on getting a product or an idea to an editor or producer instantaneously.

Our contacts and long-standing relationships with the media are impeccable. Our ability to know our clients' products inside and out and pitch educated story ideas and placement suggestions to the press, guarantees full-frontal coverage - not just product mentions. Our positioning most often guarantees coveted product photography to drive our clients branding and editorial message.

Our extensive background, expertise and knowledge in the beauty, fashion, wellness, environmental and consumer lifestyle arenas position us as respected educators and product/service specialists.

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