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- Carol A. Ientile


Selecting a PR firm can be an overwhelming process - we help make the selection process effortless.

Create Your USP
 What is your Unique Selling Point?
 What separates you, your company, products
         or services from your competition?
 What's unusual or significant about the way you
         do business?
 Who are your customers?
 What's your claim to fame?

We will identify vital brand strengths, make sure that you can live up to your claim and most importantly - give all your claims a story so they can be effectively communicated to and through the media.

Strategic Planning
Publicity overlaps with every aspect of your marketing plan. We know all your publics and will ensure a cohesive, streamlined message. From wholesale to e-tail and retail... specialty store to spa... department store to big box retailer... internet editor to blogger... podcast to broadcast... direct mail and catalog marketing... business-to-business to ultimate consumer - our specialized programs go full circle to make the most of your publicity options.

Identify the depth and scope of your PR campaign
Perhaps you have an international brand sold exclusively on the web, a chain of specialty stores, an individual product launch. Maybe you only offer regional services or want to build your brand in a specialized niche. Local, regional, national and international media are all menu options to promote your idea and expand your vision. Together, we will determine the program and the time frame.

Determine a budget
What can you afford to spend on public relations and publicity in order to achieve your goals? We partner with you to determine a budget to achieve desired results.

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