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Once your publicity campaign begins, you'll start with a publicity plan that serves as the basis for all action and assessing measurable results.

Your best qualities
Great publicity is no accident. We will develop a road map for your brand awareness.

 What are your best qualities?
 What do you excel at?
 What's the best way to speak to the press
about what matters most?

We work with you to assess and highlight your strengths. For each publicity campaign and press pitch, we will set objectives and then plot a strategy to achieve them.

Your press kit
Your professionally written and produced press kit (including a press release, biography of you and/or your top company principals, company backgrounder, product/service fact sheets, etc...) will reflect the best light on you, your company and your products to position you for success.

We read hundreds of newspapers and magazines, watch hundreds of TV shows and listen to hundreds of radio shows all so you don't have to. We know where your product and your company will fit in with news and features that are important within your industry and target market. We do not just jump on trends, but very often we develop them, setting the stage for your leadership position and lots of valuable ink.

Creative Pitches
We specialize in lifestyle, beauty, wellness and fashion and have over twenty years experience and contacts within each industry. Each time we make a phone call, send an e-mail blast or press kit on your behalf, it is with an individualized pitch that focuses on why you are the perfect match for the media opportunity.

Individualized Media Databases
For each publicity campaign we develop an individualized database of media outlets tailored specifically to your campaign goals. Open Allure, Oprah, InStyle, Lucky, People Style Watch, Glamour. Tune into CNN, Good Morning America, or The Today Show. Pick up trade publications such as WWD, Gift's & Decorative Accessories, American Spa, Les Nouvelles Estitiques, and visit WebMD, ivillage.com, and citisearch. Our clients have appeared in all of them. From product reviews to roundups, cover stories to business profiles, we generate coverage that no amount of advertising dollars can buy.

Follow Up
Persistence is the key to obtaining media placements. Everyday we are working the phones on your behalf, to get you the visibility and media coverage you deserve and that defines effective public relations.

Measurable results
Each month, you receive a comprehensive report on your publicity campaign and the progress made toward achieving your goals.

To schedule a complimentary public relations consultation with C.I. Visions, Inc., call us at 212-477-4755.

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